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Directed by Satoshi Kon; ; Abstract On Christmas Eve, three homeless people living on the streets of Tokyo find a newborn baby among the trash and set out to find its parents; user rating 7,9 / 10 Star; runtime 1 h 32 min; Keiko Nobumoto. Tokiói keresztapÃk.e.r. Toki c3 b3i keresztap c3 a1k pro.

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Toki c3 b3i keresztap c3 a1k new. Toki c3 b3i keresztap c3 a1k green. Toki c3 b3i keresztap c3 a1k status. 92 minute | Animaţie, Aventuri, Comedie, Dramă 8. 1 imdb: 7. 8. This was quite an amazing movie. The story kept twisting around while never being confusing, and stayed surprising till the very end. While childish in many ways it touched on quite adult issues in others. Homelessness and the various reasons for it, Japanese healthcare, Yakuza, Immigrants, Drugs, Violence in its many facettes and, as always in Satoshi Kons movies till now, the human psyche. While many of those issues are only touched briefly (including psychology) it seems like the director wanted to show a crossover through society. Thus the movie is quite packed, and thus the movie is quite entertaining to say the least. Strangely enough though, no sex whatsoever.
The characters were unique in their own way and believable on the stage the movie provided. The character animation was OK. We've all seen better, but with this movie that's hardly the point. Satoshi Kon definitely overused the deus ex machina in this one, but then again he always does (altough I still have to see Paranoia Agent) so I was expecting it. Plus he always does it in such unpretentious ways that I can simply enjoy it. So what? Coincidences DO happen. Especially on Christmas. I wouldn't want to exchange the end of this movie for anything more believable, its just to. fitting.
In short I could find nothing wrong with this movie. While it didn't get me thinking, it certainly entertained me from start to finish. Well. I didn't care for the dancing skyscrapers.
One other thing though. I'm utterly sick of hearing comparisons to Miyazaki. It's like fanboys comparing every Fantasymovie or book with LotR. Seriously, HOW, can anyone compare this movie, or even more, something like Perfect Blue with Totoro, Chihiro or Laputa? What mindbending techniques are necessary to accomplish this task, I ask you? Comparing Miyazaki with Kon is like comparing Spielberg with del Toro. They just make different kinds of movies. Miyazaki and Kon are both terribly talented Directors and writers, they both make brilliant movies and they both happen to work in Japan. The End.

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Edit Release Dates USA 30 August 2003 (Big Apple Anime Fest) 2 October 2003 (San Diego Asian Film Festival) Japan 7 October 2003 (Shibuya) (premiere) 17 October 2003 (Shinjuku) (premiere) Spain November 2003 (Sitges) November 2003 (Tokyo International Film Festival) 8 November 2003 Germany 21 November 2003 (Cologne Cineasia Film Festival) 5 December 2003 (Los Angeles, California) 16 January 2004 (limited) Finland 29 February 2004 (Night Visions Film Festival) Denmark 2 April 2004 (NatFilm Festival) Hong Kong 12 April 2004 (Hong Kong International Film Festival) 16 April 2004 (Nippon Connection Film Festival) Netherlands 17 April 2004 (Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival) South Korea 26 April 2004 (Jeonju International Film Festival) Argentina 4 May 2004 (video premiere) 5 August 2004 (Seoul International Cartoon and Animation Festival) Taiwan 13 August 2004 Hungary 12 October 2004 (DVD premiere) Iceland 4 November 2004 (video premiere) France 6 November 2004 (Lyon Asiexpo Film Festival) Sweden 22 November 2004 (Stockholm International Film Festival) Norway 26 November 2004 (Oslo International Film Festival) 1 December 2004 (DVD premiere) Switzerland 16 December 2004 (German speaking region) Italy 4 February 2005 Australia 28 February 2005 (Adelaide Film Festival) Thailand 24 March 2005 (limited) Czech Republic 7 April 2005 (Febio Film Festival) Mexico 9 July 2005 (TV premiere) 20 October 2005 (Munich Asia Filmfest) 29 October 2005 (Frankfurt Asia Filmfest) 17 November 2005 Poland 1 December 2005 (DVD premiere) 13 December 2007 Venezuela 6 February 2008 (TV premiere) Estonia 4 April 2009 (Japanese Anime Festival) 1 February 2010 (Japanische Filmwoche Düsseldorf) 11 April 2016 (Japanese Animation Film Festival) 23 October 2016 (Japan Media Arts Festival) 11 December 2016 (Barcelona) (subtitled version) (technical release) 26 February 2017 (Kansas City Japanese Film Festival) Also Known As (AKA) (original title) Tôkyô goddofâzâzu Argentina (video title) Héroes al rescate Tokyo Godfathers Brazil (alternative title) Brazil Padrinhos de Tóquio Canada (English title) Estonia (festival title) Ükskord Tokyos Finland (TV title) Tokyo godfathers - löytölapsen arvoitus Greece (DVD title) Oi nonoi tou Tokyo Tokiói keresztapák Iran (Persian title) Pedarkhandehaye Tokyo Italy (alternative title) Tokyo Godfathers - I padrini di Tokyo Japan (English title) (literal English title) Japan (Japanese title) 東京ゴッドファーザーズ New Zealand (English title) Rodzice chrzestni z Tokio Portugal Romania Nasii din Tokyo Russia Однажды в Токио Serbia Jednom u Tokiju 東京教父 Ukraine Токійські хрещені UK (English title) World-wide (English title) Tokyo Godfathers.
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Press alt + / to open this menu. Tokiói keresztapÃk.r. Trei marginali, un fost ciclist profesionist, un travestit şi o tânără fugară trăiesc în Tokyo. În ajunul Crăciunului, cei trei descoperă un nou născut într-o ladă de gunoi. Hotărând să-i găsească pe părinṭii copilului, ei se îndreaptă spre cartierele mai bogate ale oraşului. În cele din urmă, bebeluşul va ocaziona întâlnirea celor trei eroi cu propriile lor destine. Regizor: Satoshi Kon Ţara: Japonia An: 2004 | Durata: 92 minute Sectiune: Omagiu regizorului Satoshi Kon.



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