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Michael D. Olmos
ratings - 9,3 of 10
duration - 1 hour, 47 Minute
Writed by - Robert Mailer Anderson
You have to change the tittle to get more views. The correct title would be Windows on the world.

Windows on the world download movie watch. All of these stories of people that were late to work that day! New Yorkers must be the worst employees.

Windows on the world download movie maker. Here is the blog of a new community that shares and writes articles about all things related to SHTF and disaster scenarios: First article: “Im from the US Virgin Islands. Irma hit us with gusts of 230 and destroyed everything. 13 days later, Maria came through as a cat 5. I was without power or water for 121 days. Here are some tips to make you more comfortable for these storms: Make block ice now. Take Tupperware, fill with water. Freeze it, remove when frozen and repeat. This ice can last for over a week and will turn your fridge and freezer into a cooler so you dont lose a ton of food. -Battery powered fan. This is arguably the most important item youll need because trying to sleep in the heat / humidity / still air is impossible. I could have sold a 8 fan from amazon for 100 easy. Cheap AA battery ones work fine, but I got a high capacity ryobi battery and a ryobi fan and it made a world of difference. -Cash is king. Withdraw beforehand. -Chips and salsa are the best food. No refrigeration, wont spoil, and you can nibble on it anytime- even if you dont have an appetite. Out of all the food we had this was always gone immediately. -Fix a flat! Grab a few cans. Tons of nails and debris afterwards, flat tires are almost a certainty. Even better- tire plugs and a tire inflator. -Headlamps are infinitely better than flashlights. You can cook / function and have both hands free. -Aluminum foil, rubbing alcohol (70. tarps and Home Depot buckets can be used for almost anything. For example, rubbing alcohol can be put on a paper towel and used to wash, can sterilize cuts, clean countertops, start a fire, etc. Home Depot buckets can be used to transport water, store water, collect rainwater, transport things, store things to reduce clutter, and as a place to sit. -Buy plastic plates, forks, knives, cups, etc. Doing dishes without running water is a pain. Have lots of garbage bags. -Just because you have a generator doesnt mean it works. Test it now. -Gas cans- for generator and avoiding long lines. Not sure if Florida runs out of gas or not. 4 5-gallon cans worked well for me. -Generators: You have two options- get a big one which will power more stuff, and guzzle gas, or get an inverter generator. The inverters are more expensive per kW capacity, but use almost no gas. I could run a window AC unit and fan on my (LPT wont let me post links- google Wen 56200i) for a solid 8 hours on 1. 2 gallons of gas. You cant do laundry etc, but theyre silent, lightweight, and great for electronics. Youll also need a surge protector and long extension cord. NEVER EVER run one indoors- this often kills more people than the storm itself. -Bug spray -Bug a salt gun. Theyre on amazon, and shoot salt to kill flies. Flies will be everywhere, and they cost me a lot of sleep. Every morning Id wake up because flies were landing on me non stop. Kill them. Its also fun when youre drunk 😁 -A knife, twine, duct tape, gloves and paracord will come in handy literally every day. -Get pepper spray / tear gas ASAP. A ranged- non-lethal weapon is of absolute importance. If you only have non-ranged, you put yourself at a significant disadvantage. For example, crackhead aggressively approaching you may or may not have a weapon (dealt with several of them. If you only have lethal, you may end up killing someone when it could have been easily avoided. If you draw with people around, youll cause panic and make yourself a HUGE target. Get a military grade tear gas / pepper spray combo- it will instantly, involuntarily incapacitate anyone. Then run. Ideally, this is accompanied with a pistol. -Propane camping stoves are cheap and will allow you to easily cook. If not, build a 3 wall stove out of rocks and cook using downed branches and a grill grate. Or dig a hole and start a fire. After a few days though, cold food is what youll crave. -Freeze water bottles. They can be cut in half and put in a yeti to keep your drink cold all day. They can also be placed under armpits and on the side of your neck to cool off / help you sleep. You will be craving ANYTHING cold. -Spam is AMAZING! Black pepper spam, thinly sliced and fried. Serve with black beans and rice, OR take a potato, cut into fries. Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese and black pepper. Youre welcome. Oh- potatos are cheap, last forever at room temp, and you can do anything with them. -Fill your damn prescriptions beforehand. Snag antibiotics if you can, z-packs are great, as is cipro. You will get sick. -Fill your bathtub with water beforehand. Can scoop with homedepot bucket to flush toilets, clean, etc. Also, adding bleach to your toilet will keep it somewhat sanitary if you can only flush once a day. -Take pics and videos of youre property and possessions the day before. Will help with insurance, FEMA, etc. -Broom and dustpan- lots of debris but surprisingly good at removing water. -If water is coming through the walls or windows consider killing the power. Our place caught on fire during Irma due to water in the walls. This happened to a lot of people during Maria as well. -Keep electronics off the ground. If it floods and your power is on, and youre standing in the water, youll have bad day. -If you have an electric stove, make sure you have some sort of grill and that it has fuel. Charcoal is good and you dont necessarily need a grill for it. -Keep off the road unless you absolutely must. In addition to wasting gas, awful traffic and road hazards, youre preventing emergency vehicles / recovery workers from doing their job. -Consider rigging a simple alarm. Pull string alarms are great. I moved into my cottage 2 months after the storms because my house was uninhabitable. I was alone, and rigging one on my gate helped me sleep a lot better. -Do laundry and dishes beforehand, clean your house. -Chili, goulash, lasagna, etc are great to make and freeze for later so you dont have to cook. -Chainsaws are king! Dont forget replacement blades. Without them, you may be trapped at your house for days. If shit really hits the fan: NEVER lend out something you cannot replace. I lent out all of my battery powered fans once I got my generator. When the genny went down, I was miserable, and asked several of my coworkers/friends for just one of my fans back. It took a week before ONE of the people forked one of the fans over. -Do not isolate yourself. Aside from safety issues, you will desperately need to be around people, whether you realize it or not. Isolation after a traumatic experience will make it significantly worse. -Your brain wont work for a few days, super brain fog. Everyone will have PTSD, even if you were not frightened at all during the storm itself. Performing the most simple task will overload you. Imagine trying to have a conversation while loud music, a loud TV, a siren, flashing lights are surrounding you- in the middle of an earthquake. With everything around you destroyed, theres simply too much stimuli for you to process anything. Every day Id be in the middle of a conversation with someone at the bar (meetup spot) and either myself or the person I was talking to would walk away mid sentence without saying anything. This wasnt deliberate, your brain is just full of squirrels. -Dont tell people what you have. If you mention having food and power people get resentful. -Dont let too many people join you, if you do, they wont want to leave and will tell others, it snowballs super fast. -Be home over an hour before dark. -Time will stop and no one will know what day it is. It was day 1, day 2, etc for the first 3 weeks. -You may disagree with this, but having a good weapon can be more important than having bottled water. If shit really hits the fan, everything else can become a distant second in the blink of an eye. Personally, Im pro common sense gun control, but Ill never be without a powerful semiautomatic rifle or pistol again. Edit: for those asking how I can be pro gun control and recommend this- I think it should be harder to buy an assault rifle than it is to rent a moped. I also believe tha violence is almost never the answer- but when it is the answer, its the only answer. -Board games books etc are great. -Ice will be worth its weight in gold. -The first night youll be ecstatic you made it through, with random bits of crying. It gets a little harder every day -Be aware of your surroundings and of people -Tempers will be high Day 2–6, same with rumors. Fog of war is very real in a close community with no cell service. -Keeping morale high is the most important thing -Keep a journal. Years later or for the next storm it will be priceless. -Youll be numb and in a daze for quite some time. ” Another user comments: “ A few more ideas: I would suggest having a battery-powered FM radio (and extra batteries if its battery powered, or get one which charges via USB like the one I linked) to listen to the news and get vital information. Also (if not too late) order a sawyer mini (best) or lifestraw (not as good. If you dont have access to clean water it can help you stay healthy (beware of chemical contamination which cannot be removed by these. If you have the money, get a Garmin inReach satellite communicator (requires a (relatively cheap) subscription, down to 15ish a month. You can request SOS (much like 911) and send/receive SMS and e-mails, even without cell coverage. Excellent to keep in touch with relatives and in case of emergency. Can be used year-round when hiking, snow-mobile, skiing, … Dont tell anyone you have this… Download the offline map of your area on Google Maps on your phone beforehand. Can be priceless to navigate around and doesnt require internet access. Also get the app and download the map of your area too. Google Maps offline maps will expire and disappear from your phone after 30 days (I believe) maps will not. If the cell service in your area is out of order, use your phone in airplane mode so that it doesnt continuously and desperately looks for a cell to connect to, which will drain the battery VERY quickly. Also use it on the lowest practical brightness setting to save battery power. If not too late, get big USB power banks. 10000mAh such as this one) and fully charge them beforehand. Its good as barter items and it can be nice to recharge your things when you have no access to a generator (on the go, or if you dont want to run the generator to avoid attracting attention. You can also get USB lights (this one for instance) and your powerbank doubles as a flashlight with a very long battery life. Get a first aid kit, and not just one with bandaids… Get a CAT tourniquet, trauma dressing, Celox (preferred) or QuikClot bandage, triangular bandage, SAM splint, … and know how to use them. Also get the basic medecines (stomach/diarrhea relief, basic painkillers, anti-allergy, and any prescription medecine if you require any. Remember 911 service may be unavailable for some time and you need to be able to take care of injuries. Tourniquets save lives, everyone should have one readily available. I am a radio amateur and in these situations I like to have one or two portable radio for two-way communication but I realize it is not for everybody. Still, a pair of FRS/GMRS radio can be helpful. Please note that GMRS requires a (cheap) license in the USA. I would recommend this model which also allows to be used as a scanner and to program the NOAA weather frequencies (do it beforehand) and some local police/EMS/fire frequencies (if allowed in your juridiction. Please DO NOT use a radio made for amateur radio use, where you can transmit on any frequency, such as the UV-5R; you may interfere with emergency communications, even if you cant hear them, miles away. Please stick to the FRS/GMRS frequencies. The radio above guarantees safe operation and still allows to be used as a scanner. Take pictures of all your important documents (ID, properties, …) and store them in a waterproof plastic bag. Try to keep at least your passport and driver license with you during the storm… If you have a sump pump, try to arrange so that it can be battery powered and/or connected to your generator. If using battery power, get a battery charger and/or a generator connection, if the outage lasts and the battery runs down. Sometimes homes are not affected by the main storm but are flooded due to the lack of power around the storm and are still ruined, and thats totally preventable. Also, beforehand, depending of the situation you might want to BLOCK your main sewage pipe. This way you might avoid sewage backflow into your home. There are normally valves already installed but in case of serious flooding (high backpressure) they sometimes are not up to the task. Download a few offline movies on the Netflix app (if you have Netflix. I never lived though a hurricane but I assume after a few days/weeks, you might want some entertainment. You can also download e-books. Bonus if its survival-related e-books. ” Brought to you by.

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Windows on the world download movie pc.

Wonderful film, heartfelt and beautiful acted/ filmed. Also super sound track. Windows on the world download movie online. Windows on the world download movie 2017. Windows on the World is an engaging film that captures viewers attention and relates the reality of millions of immigrants living in the U.S. It is a must watch. Sounds great from Chronicle review. Should be seen. > PART 2. >PART 3 IS NOW UP. THE NOSLEEP EXPERIMENT HAS CONCLUDED. Im so sorry to get you involved. I really am. To put this on you. But you have to understand I have no other choice. I should have known D3 was a mistake, but I didnt listen. Now its come to this, and I cant take my eyes off the screen, and you're the only people who can help. All I can do is face this Choice, and do nothing. Nothing but watch. I'll start from the beginning, so you can be as informed as possible. Do not take this lightly. Please. I have no-one else to turn to. It all started a few months ago. We started playing an augmented-reality game, based on a forum I stumbled across late one night. Me and Sam had been working our way through a crate of his dad's beer, and were trying to spook each other by finding the weirdest websites possible. The forum was called Decisions, Decisions, Decisions. Although, most people on the site just called it D3. The tagline. Put UR Life in OUR hands: The premise is simple. You post a Choice you need to make to the forum, with proof (photos, videos, etc. and they vote on which Choice you have to make. If you can provide evidence that you carried out their Choice, you get a few points. The more points you have, the higher level you are. The higher the level, the more serious the Choices that you can view are, and the more serious Choices youre allowed to make. Higher levels allow you to view more serious Choices, as well as make more serious Choices. Theoretically from which coffee to get, to who to hang out with, to who to rob. Or something like that. We started at Level 1, both treating it as a joke, posting something stupid on the beginner forum like Should I down this beer. DOWN. DONT with an attached image. I wrote a brief, stupid little profile. Something about how I liked sharing my experiences on r/nosleep – something about me that didnt give away too much. We sat, and waited. There was a timer, and in real time we could watch the votes trickle in. There werent a huge amount, sure, we were just a starter account, but there was something weirdly satisfying about it, something kind of liberating. People out there, somewhere, cared. They voted >DOWN and I downed the beer, wincing as the bubbles rushed down my throat. Sam videoed it all, and uploaded it as proof. 5 Theres something so compelling about gaining points, or experience, something so addicting about seeing that little number go up, and I remember wanting to scratch that itch a little more. Just a tiny bit more. So, we agreed to post again, trying to think of something. I was drawing blanks, but Sam had a few thoughts. Sam was always the more confident, and I remember watching him, watching the way he span on his chair, relishing this. I remember watching the confidence with which he toyed with ideas and discarded them, every word seeming definite, chosen – and I remember being so glad that he was in my life. Its strange when your love for a friend can surface, but something about this game had brought us closer together, like we were spies – undercover, behind enemy lines. We decided to call Marley, my girlfriend. We explained the situation, and she didnt believe us. Not only that, but she told us it was lame, and that someone telling you to down a beer online wasnt exactly the most interesting way to spend your Friday evening. I interjected. “I heard that the higher levels have some crazy shit, Marley. Seriously. People ask whether or not they should get married. ” “Youre telling me you want to get married? ” I laughed. “No, no – theres other stuff too. Fights. Crimes. Arent you curious. About watching? ” I admit, it was a little morbid. But as a three wed never been the types to shy away from that. Sams Dad had died when he was much younger, and his sense of humour was accordingly black. Marley too had a troubled past, and wed formed a little band of misfits from a young age; so young I can barely remember a time without the two of them. In fact, one of my most vivid memories of the three of us, is us hiding in a pillow-fort, when we were meant to be asleep, sharing our darkest fears. We must have been around 11, or 12. I was old enough to know I loved Marley, but not old enough to know what that meant. I remember Marley told us that hers was being buried alive, relating it to a movie shed accidentally seen, when one of her parents left the TV on. Sam said drowning, and didnt offer a reason. Me and Marley both knew why, though, even at that age, and I thought of his Dad, and how he must have looked when they dragged him from the canal. I cant remember what mine was, if Im honest, but I lied. I said rats, or clowns, or heights. But really – really it was losing one of them. They were the first and only friends Id ever had, and they were more dear to me than anything. Anyway. Sorry. I guess the situation is making me pensive. Marley agreed to have a look next week, she was curious, but not entirely convinced yet. Me and Sam schemed to use the week to get points, and then when we hung out the next week, wed have enough points to be a part of a higher level, and could shock Marley with some of the shit that went on there. So, we spent the week, each with our own account, even going so far as to download the app, trying to farm as many points as possible, posting basic and stupid choices, and voting on others to try and increase our engagement. Slowly, bit by bit our numbers rose. I even received a message from a much higher level account. U R INTERESTING I replied. thanks, I guess. KEEP AT IT. U HAVE POTENTIAL. And I dont know why, even to this day, but I didnt mention it to Sam, or to Marley. It was my little secret. The message was my confirmation that maybe this was real, maybe this did get really weird, and I didnt want them freaking out. To the both of them it was a stupid game to kill some time, but they werent taking it as seriously as me. They tired of the game quickly. Marley wasnt all that impressed, if Im honest, when we showed her our level 3 accounts, and some of the decisions we were able to vote on. I think one of the most extreme Choices we saw at the time was DO I TEXT MY GRLFREND WE NEED TO TALK? >Y. N Or another one, something along the lines of – WHO DO I ASK OUT? >MARY. CELINE We voted, and watched as the evidence came, videos of the message being sent and of responses, and whilst they seemed to enjoy it, they quickly became bored and wanted to play games instead. I wish Id joined in. I wish I hadnt seen how deep the rabbit hole went, and how dark it was down there. I, on the other hand, was hooked. There was something so freeing about putting the basic choices up there. As an anxious person, it was liberating. Any time I was stuck with a tiny thing, Id just post it to D3. And watching other peoples decisions had this real voyeuristic pleasure to it. No matter if the decision was small, the decisions that affected peoples lives were so real it didnt matter how important they were, just so long as they really happened. I began to see the logo for D3 everywhere. An infinity symbol with an two-faced arrow through the centre. Maybe I was just seeing things, but I began to see it on bumper stickers, slipped into the corners of advertisements. It seemed that the more of my life I gave up to D3, the more it started to slip into it. I wondered who else around me was using D3, and whenever I saw someone consult their phone before making a decision I imagined them watching the little timer, watching those votes roll in, reading the comments, before following whatever order they were given. The stakes were so much higher the higher I climbed. One unfulfilled order, and you were out. And so there was a real thrill to posting something significant. I became – am ­ – convinced that D3 is more than just a game. I began to research the people who developed the app, and the website, and found nothing. I tried contacting the support on their website, but there was nothing. My mentor similarly had no idea, but was consistently supportive. When Marley would get angry with me for bailing on seeing her because I was too deep following a Choice, or I had to follow a Choice Id made, theyd reassure me. When Sam shouted at me down the phone because Id upset Marley, and hadnt seen either of them in nearing a month, my mentor was there for me. >DNT WRRY ABT THEM. U R DOING GREAT: I began to confide in my mentor, writing them long messages about my life, telling them things Id never tell anyone else – the things Marley and Sam did that pissed me off, the ideas I had for Choices that were dark and depraved, the thoughts you have that are so strange you wonder if anyone else has ever even considered something similar. And all the while I was levelling up on D3, getting into levels where they made some serious decisions. Proposals, moving countries, adopting children. Perhaps it was Marley and Sam trying to check up on me, or perhaps it was members of D3, or perhaps it was something else entirely, but I began to notice that I was being followed. Id take the long route home, sometimes doubling back on myself, always noticing the same figure keeping the same distance. Id hear the crunch of footsteps on gravel outside my bedroom window, and sometimes on public transport Id be aware of two or more people watching me, and all getting off at whatever stop I chose. I noticed the D3 logo in places it shouldnt be. Carved into the bus-stop by my house, spray-painted on abandoned buildings in my City, and for a while I became convinced that it was a similar shape to a rash on my thigh. Of course, I didnt tell Marley or Sam about this. They wouldnt understand. My mentor did, though. In fact, he seemed to know about half of the things before I even told him. Maybe hed had a similar experience. I was so involved now I couldnt back out, but the Choices I watched were beginning to get darker. Choices like: FOUND A STRAY DOG. WHAT DO I DO? The top Choice was >KILL. By a considerable margin. And I remember sitting in my room, alone, basked in the sterile light of my laptop screen, watching a video of a man kick a dogs ribcage in. The footage was grainy, but I could hear the crunch of bone, and the dogs whimper turn wet and rasping and then stop. I was in too deep. I know. But I had to keep engagement up. I was close to figuring out what was behind D3, and my mentor thought so too. If I could just get a few more points, get to a higher level, then Id really understand. It was a week ago I had a missed call. Well, 22 to be exact. It was Marley. I couldnt remember the last time wed spoken. I glanced at the screen. I was watching a responding paramedics Choice, and it didnt look good. The top option was >SCALPEL I picked up. Marley was in tears, sobbing like Id never heard her, and there was a deeper voice in the background, and she was saying no, no, he has to know. “What? Marley. I have to know what? ” My heart skipped a beat. Was she hurt? Whos voice was that- and then “Me and Sam. Max, Im sorry. Im so sorry. We... ” A pause. She took a deep breath. "We had sex. That statement seemed to tear me from the trance Id been in since Id discovered D3. I was suddenly brought to the present moment, to the here and now, and not just numbers and videos on a screen, and Marley continued, as if she couldnt stop now shed started, like a burst pipe, oversharing with no filter, all the guilt and shame just came pouring out- “More than once. You disappeared, Max. We tried. We tried so hard but its been months, fucking months and we hear nothing and we never see you and I dont know, I dont know it just happened and-“ Sam takes the phone off her, and his voice is more level. Almost calm. “I love her, Max. Im sorry. I have to be honest with myself, and with you. I love her and I always have. ” And in the background I can hear Marley telling him not to say that, to leave it out, to just stop, but just as Im brought back into the real world, Im hit with everything that comes with it, and my thoughts race as I hear them argue on the other end of the phone line. I cant help but picture them together, naked, her skin on his, her body that only I knew in his hands, the small moans I thought she made only for me in his ear, and I felt so betrayed, so fucking hurt, because I always thought shed choose Sam, when I was younger, he was bigger and more handsome and funnier and louder, and Id always been so confused why she chose me, why she loved me and now I knew it was just a sham, and that hed got his way, hed got her and I hung up the phone, and sat, fighting back tears. UR BETTER OFF W/OUT THEM. >U R SO CLOSE. I ignored my mentors messages. All I could think about was Sam and Marley together, and the betrayal, and it wormed its way inside every happy memory I had like a maggot until I felt like my brain was rotting out of my skull and I had to put my head in my hands to hold it in place. I tried to delete my D3 account. The game had ruined my life. And it was nasty, now that I looked at it in the cold light of day. It escalated from something with meaning to acts of violence, to things that I cant mention on here, things that are dark and depraved and that I should never have seen. >MAIM >SMOTHER >BURN I slept deeply that night, and my dreams were strange: whimpering dogs, Sam inside Marley, all basked in the sterile white light of a computer screen. When I woke, I tried to call Marley. I figured Id explain what had happened to me, and wed talk – like adults. No response. I tried again. Nothing. This time I tried Sam, thinking maybe he was with her, and as much as I didnt want to speak to him, I had to start sorting this out – I had to take control of my life again. My phone buzzed. It was a notification on D3. I thought Id deleted the app? I realised then: I had deleted the app. I opened the message, and it was a link from my mentor. UR RDY 2 LVL UP. >THIS CHOICE IS OUT OF UR HANDS. >ASK UR FRIENDS ONLINE: NOSLEEP. IF WE HAVE NO ANSWER IN 24 HRS, THEN ITS BOTH. >DO NOT CALL POLICE >THIS CHOICE IS OUT OF UR HANDS. >WELL BE WATCHING. I felt sick. Who were they talking about? Both who? Who were my friends online? The only thing Id mentioned on my profile was that I posted on r/nosleep every now and again. A lump in my throat formed as I opened the link. There was a split screen. On one half was Marley, bound and gagged in what seemed to be a hole in the ground. Her eyes were covered with a blindfold, and every few minutes gloved hands would dig a spade into the pile of dirt near her and throw it over her, just starting to cover her legs and body. And on the other, was Sam. He was tied to a chair, bound and gagged too, but in a small, dark room. A room that was slowly filling with water. I could see the fear in his eyes, and see him trying to scream, but could only watch as the water began to lap at his ankles. So, thats why Im here. Thats why Im asking you. They want you to decide. The only thing I put on my profile had to do with r/nosleep. Its part of the game. Its the next level. I dont want to say anymore, I dont want to influence you more than I already have but I know that I have to do this. Otherwise they both die. I've linked a Google Poll. It's what they want. So they can watch. Whoever has the most votes in 24 hours will live. I'm so sorry. When this post is a day old the decision will be made, and I will let you know. Please, please make the right Choice. Im counting on you.

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In questions of science. A thousand is not worth the humble reasonings of a a single individual! Galileo) To that I would add, a thousand experts. Its the humble reasonings that matter, not status! This has served me well and allowed me to keep the sovereignty of my mind and not farm my reasonings out to others, as is all the rage in these post truth times... Movies captivate everyone and we employ different ways to watch them. Whether it is your summer vacation or a weekend, if you need some entertainment, movies are the best option. A perfect movie at the right time will act as a stress buster, sometimes. So, If you are fond of watching movies, heres a list of new movie download sites you can try. In this era, online movie watching has become a common thing and its free. So, You dont need to purchase any CD or DVD of movies. Now anyone can watch their favorite movies at any time and place provided they have an internet facility to download movies. But finding the best movie download sites is a chore. because Not many sites offer good and trustworthy download links to the movie they displayed. Thats why In this article, I have provided a list of best movie download sites for you to download free movies online. Scroll down to find the entire list. These are very easy to use. And most of them provide the facility to download the movies directly from their website. If you need more options to download movies, scroll to the bottom. Movie Website Website URL 1 YIFY Movies 2 HD Popcorns 3 FMovies 4 1337x Movies 5 YouTube Movies 6 Ocean of Movies 7 MyDownloadTube 8 Download Any Movies 9 DIVX Crawler 10 Bob Movies 11 OK Punjab 12 Full 4 Movies 13 CosmoTube 14 MovieDDL 15 IOMovies 16 Movie NO Limit 17 Movie Watcher 18 Putlockers 19 StreamLikers 20 Movie Ninja 21 Watch Last Movies 22 23 MoviesJoy 24 Web Archive Movies 25 Loaded Movies 26 DJ Yaar 27 OpenloadfreeTV 28 Chillnflix 29 iPagal Movies 30 EMOL Movies 31 FlixGo 32 Hiidude 33 123movies4u 34 MovieGO 35 Freeflix 36 House Movies 37 38 AVI Mobile Movies 39 MKV Cage 40 C Movies HD 41 Couch Pota Movies Download 42 TamilRockers 43 CYRO Movies 44 M4U Free 45 MKV Cinemas 46 CartoonHD 47 Download Free Movies 48 xMovies8 49 GoMovies 50 9X Movies 51 Primewire 52 SolarMovies 53 HD Movies Maza 54 YTS Yify Movies 55 300MB Movies 56 Tamil Yogi 57 Mobile Movies 58 Go DownloadMovies 59 Movie4K Before moving further and check out the latest movies, I suggest you to use decent  VPN like PureVPN to keep you anonymous online. VPN will ensure you are safe whether you are browsing a movie site which is blocked by your ISP or in your region. Once you have the VPN you are good to go. This is, however, is not a detailed article. It is a quick list to help you download or Watch movies online. All the free movie downloading sites mentioned here are very active movie download sites which provide torrents and links to download movies in 720p, 1080p, and MP4 formats. If you are not sure how to download movies from these sites follow the steps below. How to Download Movies Most of the movie download websites I have mentioned will provide the direct links. In that case, you will not find any problem. Some websites provide just the torrent/magnet links for movies. There are mainly three ways you can download movies from these websites. follow the one which is easy for you. 1. BitTorrent BitTorrent is very important for most of the websites I have mentioned above. First, you need to download a BitTorrent client like uTorrent on your computer. Then download the magnet or torrent file from the website. Then click on the torrent file and open it with uTorrent. That will start your download. You can pause or resume your download at any time. Internet Download Manager Internet Download Manager or IDM is the best option for Windows users to download movies from these sites. As IDM provides extremely fast downloads and supports various browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, and more. Follow the steps below for more details. Just make sure you have installed IDM on your pc. Step 1: Go to any of the movie download sites above like or any site Step 2: Search for a movie and Click on Play Button. It will play the video on the browser. Step 3: Just close the player. IDM will quickly pick the video and ask you to Download the video from the page Step 4: Click on the “Download Video from this Page”. then Click on Start Download to begin Downloading. The Advantage with IDM is that you can watch the movie quality before deciding to go for a full movie. This way you can save your data and time. However, with uTorrent, you are not sure what file and quality of your download. But, heres a guide to watching movies online without complete download. 3. YouTube To download videos from YouTube, first, open the video and copy the URL. Then go to  and insert the link there. You can select the video quality and download link ready within seconds. Depending upon the video size, it will be downloaded to your computer. My Final Words With this, I am concluding this article of the list of free movie download sites and various tips on how to download movies. I hope it was helpful. If you know any of the movie download sites not covered here, please let me know. Also, please report the sites that are not working for you. SO that we can provide the alternatives for them.

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