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Writer Céline Sciamma. In 18th century France a young painter, Marianne, is commissioned to do the wedding portrait of Héloïse without her knowing. Therefore, Marianne must observe her model by day to paint her portrait at night. Day by day, the two women become closer as they share Héloïse's last moments of freedom before the impending wedding. France. 8,4 / 10. director Céline Sciamma. actors Adèle Haenel. La scène de la pipe a été tournée en seulement 12 jours. Les deux actrices se perdaient en conjoncture souvent et il fallait attendre la conclusion du débat.

Watch Full Length Portrait de la jeune fille en europe. This movie is a MASTERPIECE. C'est qui. Watch Full Length Portrait de la jeune fille en ferme. Please tell me Noémie is gay. Musze to obejrzec! 😍.

This movie is so beautiful. a work of art. poetic. it left a scar in my heart forever and m broken

On rétrograde, ici et ailleurs. LETS GO LESBIANS LETS GO. Elle ne répond pas à la question du journaliste sur ce qui sépare l'actrice du personnage... ❤️🏳️‍🌈🥰. Can someone please tell me what they actually want to say when they say this movie is about gays? Or is that what they are trying to tell us? 😂 Coz duh, obviously... What a master piece. I felt love with this movie. I need to see this. Omg you two. Watch Full Length Portrait de la jeune fille en feu rouge.

  • I've dreamt of that for years.
  • Dying?
  • Running.
    • Céline Sciamma, Writer/Director
  • And so begins our introduction to the titular character and her nascent growth into being- a growth beyond the canvas, beyond the parameters of physical isolation, beyond the inescapable predicament of social and family burden. It is a taste of freedom. The beginnings of a liberating journey to find an existential peace from the inner turmoil that, as we learn early on in the film, likely took her own sister's life.
    Céline Sciamma's Portrait de La Jeune Fille en Feu is a remarkable film. It is Call Me By Your Name in its judgement-free paradise, palpable sexual tension, and look-into-the-flame Élio catharsis. It is The Favourite in its female-centric, lesbian-tensioned period drama with Vivaldi as a centerpiece (but with a mood far more romanced than Yorgos' unique lavish satirical darkness. It is Persona in its framing of duality and Abbas Kiarostami in its lunar pacing. It is unapologetically feminist: a love story between two souls who happen to be women on an island free of men, including but not limited to an abortion, the subsequent painting of said abortion, and the gentle caressing of armpit hair at center screen.
    While not entirely its own, the film is nonetheless brilliant in almost every regard. Cinematography, including framing, color palette, and the dream-like landscape, is stunning. There is a visual language of unspoken glances and facial beauty through close-ups and lighting that parallels the script and brings out the mystique of the enigmatic Héloïse. The story is unveiled so poetically, as if watching the long-restrained passion of the female artist slowly burst from the seams of her oppressive corset of objectification.
    ' The "muse" is this fetishized silent woman who is inspiring just because she is beautiful. One of the manifestos of the film is to get rid of this idea of the muse-which is a nice word that actually hides the participation of women in artistry."

    The nine muses of the Greek Mythology were deities that gave artists, philosophers and individuals the necessary inspiration for creation. One of the nine muses, Calliope, had a son named Orpheus. Sciamma's thought-provoking commentary on women and art is gently told but powerfully received, and it does not go unnoticed.
    This film, like a majestic portrait, will remain echoing in your mind like the haunting hymnal Latin chant, Fugere non possum" I cannot run away.


    Watch Full Length Portrait de la jeune fille en feu vert. Adele is so adorable wtf. 10/10 Bravo. Watched last night - and will certainly watch again. Watch Full Length Portrait de la jeune fille en feu arrière. Le soulagement c'est savoir que ces tiques sont finalement leurs propres tortionnaires. Plus ils pèsent des millions plus vite ils s'asphyxiront ensemble. L'air pur bientôt pour nous et la fosse aux millions pour eux. Watch Full Length Portrait de la jeune fille en œuvre. This interviewer sucked. doesn't seem to be listening to them as they answer him with really insightful responses. he seems either too stupid or too busy with his own ideas to care. womp womp they deserve better than him lol.

    Elle a un joli regard, un peu speed, un peu masculine.

    Watch Full Length Portrait de la jeune fille en

    Trêt beau reportage. Portrait of a lady on fire is just a bunch of snobby French women sniffing their own assess for 2 hours, terrible movie. Meesterwerk. Great interview cant wait to see the film. Super intéressante comme toujours. Watch Full Length Portrait de la jeune fille en euros. Quelle merveille(s. que lintelligence et lengagement de Céline Sciamma, Adèle Haenel dans le cinéma. depuis déjà tant dannées. Et leurs si fines acolytes. Également.

    This movie really blew me away. It was just so well done in every aspect. A 5 minutes de reportage je coupe cette absurdité. Et jai déjà perdu trop de temps à regarder tout ça. Quel ennui. 10:25 De nada. Watch Full Length Portrait de la jeune fille en feu d'artifice. Watch Full Length Portrait de la jeune fille en fête. Foucher les langues poisson. Watch Full Length Portrait de la jeune fille en fer forgé. Somebody said french girls are the most beautiful i see it.



    Portrait de la jeune fille en feu
    3.9 stars - softveperving1974

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